#3 on hypemachine, Premiered on TWRK's set on Diplo & Friends
Conceived after a 10-day silent meditation retreat in Oaxaca. Every track is a different genre for your teeny tiny little attention span and it all blends together perfectly because life is too short & pointless to make "marketable" art. Not for promotional use
Supported by Uproot Andy & used in Bembe Brooklyn's promotional campaign
Premiered by CassetteBlog in Mexico City - "Dj Self Help toma el bagaje de esos tracks neo-dembow – twerk de Diplo / Dj Snake de los últimos años y los lleva de regreso a la pista de baile underground, llenándolos de furia y sabor latino sin perder en ningún momento lo cool de su groove."
Released on Bird Peterson & JFK's Teenage Riot Records
500,000 plays on Spotify